Coffee Pods


Sold Out

Tummy Love | Low Acid Blend
Dark Horse Blend | French Dark Roast
Organic Nicaragua | A Balance Driven
Organic Honduras | A Body Driven
Colombian Heirloom | Medium Roast
Buzz Killer Medium | Dark Roast Coffee With Lower Caffeine
Paradise Estate | Blend Medium Roast
Panama Estate | Medium Light Roast
Krakatau | Dark & Light Roast Coffee
Guatemala Hue Hue Altos del Volcan Coffee
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Natural | A Fruit-Driven Coffee
Wild Earth Blend | French Roast

Big (well, actually small) things are brewing! 

It’s OFFICIAL! Get Roasted is hopping on the Coffee Pods Bandwagon, and we know you’re just as excited as we are! 

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