Organic Nicaragua- A Balance Driven Coffee

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Whole Bean
Auto Drip
Coarse Grind (French Press)

This is a good example of a balance-driven coffee, where the acidity and the body play really well together. The citrus and the chocolate flavors complement each other deliciously well. This coffee has a classic heirloom Nicaraguan character.

Grown on Rebecca's family farm (our Dir. of Operations)!


AROMA: Sweet chocolate & fresh-cut wood

BRIGHTNESS: Subdued orange-like citrus

FLAVOR: Cocoa nibs, orange/lemon sweet cream

BODY/FINISH: Pleasant, sweet resonance with a cinnamon finish

Organic coffee has several benefits, making it an excellent choice for coffee drinkers. First, organic coffee is grown without harmful pesticides and herbicides. This means that the coffee beans are less likely to be contaminated with these chemicals, making them safer to consume.

Second, organic coffee is often richer in flavor than non-organic varieties. This is because organic coffees are typically grown in smaller batches and hand-picked, allowing for greater care and attention to detail during the farming process.