Our Story

My journey with Get Roasted…Locally began in 2019, however my journey with coffee began much, much earlier than that…


My First Coffee Job

Growing up in New York and Puerto Rico, a love for quality coffee was in my blood- and in the places I lived. In March of 1988, I started working with a local family owned coffee roaster in Queens, New York. 


This family had been roasting since 1913, and originally delivered their coffee by horse and carriage! Needless to say, I had just entered my coffee training of a lifetime once I was hired here. 


As a sales rep, they gave me a company car, 1,000 business cards, coffee samples and had me get to it. I would talk to people from all over at restaurants, cafes, and the like to spread the word about their locally roasted coffee. I worked as a sales rep for about 5 years and as my knowledge and passion for coffee grew, so did my responsibility.


20 years with this company brought me more experience and knowledge than I could have predicted starting out. Before I knew it, I wasn’t just selling coffee, but I had acquired the technical skills to repair and service espresso machines, and began attending events in behalf of the company like the NRA in Chicago, Fancy Food Show, and traveled to multiple countries meeting the farmers and seeing where these delectable beans were grown. 


Traveling to these coffee farms is what made the most profound impact on me. I was able to see the entire process come together. From seed to cup, and understand how coffee is grown, harvested, and then roasted. 


One of the sons of this family owned roastery became my mentor, and as the president of the SCA, Speciality Coffee Association, he assisted me in becoming a trainer within the association. I trained new entrepreneurs to learn how to brew, maintain machines, all about filtration- essentially taught them how to open and run their own espresso bar.


The Start To My Journey

In 2006 I moved to Florida and became the distributor for Fontana Coffee & Tea in 2010. I did this for 9 years and then in 2019 I acquired Coffee Roasters Alliance.


I was very familiar with the brand as I originally was a customer for them myself, so once I bought and merged both companies, I had the ability to reach my goal of providing others with the freshest and purest roast of coffees they can buy.


I’ve traveled all over the world from Central and South Americas, to the Caribbean, to Africa and Asia seeing the coffee farms myself ensuring quality! 


I’m proud to play a fully involved role in such a large industry that is different than many others. In our hands alone, we source and buy the freshest green coffee beansroast them ourselves, and deliver them to your door so you can make the morning coffee you look forward to with exquisite perfection.


Our Devotion To Freshness


At Get Roasted., we take our sourcing and roasting very seriously. We believe that freshness is paramount to quality and we strive to roast at its flavor peak. Roasting is an art, and with that comes key steps that always need to be taken to reach a truly stand out delicious end result. We take pride in our business model focusing on ‘from seed to cup,’ as we manage coffee sourcing, development, roasting, distribution, and brewing.


Choosing the highest quality of green coffee bean is what boils down to having the greatest and most flavorful cup of coffee.


We source our beans from the top 1% of estate coffee farms owned by the farmers themselves. Because we are focused on quality at every level, we support our growers, customers, and everyone else along the chain by conforming to standards that promote fair trade and economic opportunity for all


As a weekly ritual, we like to do cupping to taste for any different nuances in our coffees and identify the rich, ideal roast. This guarantees our batches go out with their roast perfected and our customers always receiving a delicious brew.


Our Coffee is sold at Whole Foods Market, Sysco Foods, Coffee Shops in Various Locations, at the VA Hospital in Central Florida, and via our website. 


Though I’m not biased to any of my coffees, I’d have to admit the espresso crema dolce is my foremost favorite! But, don’t just take my word for it; Try it yourself! Then, you’ll really know what flavor is when you go from seed to cup