Buzz Killer Low Caffeine Blend

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We know that sometimes you want all the flavor of a rich coffee but without the accompanying jitters or crash. In other words, Coffee With Lower Caffeine! That's why we created our unique Buzz Killer post-blend, which has all the flavor and body of a traditional coffee, but with half the caffeine.


AROMA: Smokey, earthy, spicy

FLAVOR: Roasty with distinct notes of dark chocolate, smoke, and mahogany

BODY & FINISH:  Full, rich, and robust with mild acidity, and a resonating finish

Finally, a coffee option that doesn't sacrifice flavor for lower caffeine. For those times when you crave a full-bodied, smooth coffee, but can do without the high voltage buzz, our Buzz Killer blend has half the caffeine, getting you where you want to go, but not keeping you there longer than you want! 

Does This Roast Help Prevent A Caffeine Buzz?

We don’t call it a buzz killer for nothing! Buzz Killer contains half the caffeine than a traditional roast, so it can help prevent a caffeine buzz if you’re prone to them from drinking a fully caffeinated cup.

It’s not entirely decaffeinated, but it does reduce the caffeine intake. So, if a standard caffeinated cup of coffee is a bit too much but decaf just doesn’t cut it, this is the perfect roast for you. 

Our Buzz Killer is not only for those with heightened caffeine sensitivities, but it makes a fantastic afternoon cuppa. Enjoy a little pick-me-up without having to worry about a caffeine buzz or being able to wind down by the end of the evening.