Colombian Heirloom Medium Roast 12oz.

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We're excited to introduce our Colombian Heirloom Medium Roast Coffee. This coffee is regarded as some of the highest quality in the world, and we're proud to roast it.

This is a coffee you'll want to savor, so be sure to grab a bag. We know you'll love it as much as we do!


AROMA: Vanilla & Cocoa

BRIGHTNESS: Well pronounced yet subdued red berry fruit

FLAVOR: Very balanced, slightly fruity, and chocolatey, with a honey-like sweetness

BODY & FINISH: Rich & full with a creamy milk chocolate resonance (goes to dark chocolate as it cools)

Twice a year in April and September, we celebrate the arrival of one of our favorite mild, well-balanced classics.  Regarded as some of the highest quality coffees in the world, Colombia’s arabica plants thrive in the semi-shaded, high-elevation volcanic soil of the Andes.  

These small-farm specialty coffees are harvested on steep slopes by hand at their optimal ripeness, then washed and sun-dried to optimize preservation. A great wake-up coffee!


How Can You Get Freshly Roasted Colombian Coffee? 

You can order freshly roasted Colombian coffee from us! We source green coffee beans from all around the world, including Colombia. We freshly roast in small batches per order so you can enjoy your favorite Colombian coffee at its peak flavor, receiving it shortly after roasting is completed. 

What Makes This An Heirloom Specialty Coffee?

In a simple sense, this roast is a Heirloom specialty coffee because of its use of a variety of arabica beans.

Heirloom coffee is most often a term used for Ethiopian coffee because of its unmatched abundant growth and cultivation of arabica beans. When a vast variety of arabica beans are used from the same geographical region or family farm over generations, it is considered an heirloom coffee.

Our Colombian heirloom is a blend of arabica beans grown on small farms in Colombia over the generations living up to its name in the fullest sense. 

Colombia boasts some of the highest quality coffees in the entire world, and we are proud to serve up such a superb heirloom specialty coffee

Is A Colombian Medium Roast Coffee Good For Morning Coffee?

Our Colombian medium roast coffee is the best for morning coffee! 

It is balanced without being bitter, and full of smooth flavor! This medium roast has a slightly fruity flavor making it light and not overpowering, but still has a rich body favoring a chocolatey finish. It is the perfect accompaniment to waking up.

Once you try our Colombian medium roast coffee, your mornings will never be the same without it.