Red Sun Blend

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Whole Bean
Autodrip Grind
Espresso Grind
Cold Brew Grind

A brand new delicious, fiery blend! 

Combining the floral, fruity qualities of our Light Roasted Ethiopian Natural with the body and sweet finish of our Medium roasted Mexican, this blend gives you the perfect balance you need to start your day.

This blend makes for an awesome pour over, with a nice crisp and clean extraction. It also works as a great Espresso Blend, with crema and just the right amount of brightness to balance the body and complexity of the espresso shot.

Come try for yourself, and feel the warmness of our brand new Red Sun Blend

ROAST PROFILE: Light-Medium Roast (Post Blend)

AROMA: Sweet, Fruity

TASTING NOTES: Brown Sugar, Chocolate, Apple

VARIETAL: Bourbon, Typica