Roaster's Choice Coffee Selection

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Whole Bean
Auto Drip
Coarse Grind (French Press)

Does all of our freshly roasted coffee sound good to you? Is it hard to decide which one to try?

Feel like having a little surprise dropped off on your doorstep each month?

If you are shouting "YES" to these questions, then Roaster's Choice is just what you've been looking for! When you purchase the Roaster's choice coffee, our team of coffee aficionados will select a specialty coffee roast loved by all just for you, and ship it out without you knowing which roast is heading your way.

There are some pretty great benefits of selecting our Roaster's Choice coffee. First, this selection allows you to try out a roast you have never tried before or might not have naturally chosen for yourself.

PLUS, you can be one of the first to taste test a custom blend we are making BEFORE it's officially sold and available to anyone. Let's be frank, we all love getting advanced access to things (especially coffee).

Think of it like going up to a barista at your favorite coffee house and saying, "Make me something I'll love. Surprise me!" Well, we are your barista and we are sure we'll make you a roast you will love!

You can choose Roaster's Choice as a one-time option, or choose a Roaster's Choice subscription. Each month, we will send you a 12 oz. bag (or bags) of our freshly roasted coffee that is of complete surprise to you. It could be one of our year-round favorites or a brand new seasonal blend that we're featuring.

You never know what you might get, but it's always guaranteed to be delicious! Let us choose your coffee today!

What are you waiting for? Click "Add to cart" now and get ready to be wowed by any of our Roaster's Choice coffees!