Tummy Love Low Acidity Blend

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Whole Bean
Coarse Grind (French Press)

There are a few reasons why people look for low acidity in coffee. First, it is easier on the stomach for those who have digestive issues or sensitivity to coffee. Second, people who have acid reflux often find that low acid coffees are less likely to trigger Heartburn or other reflux symptoms. Lastly, many people simply prefer the taste of low-acid coffee, which tends to be smoother and less acidic than regular coffees.

Whatever the reason, there is no doubt that low-acid coffee has become a popular choice for coffee drinkers around the world.

So, it's no wonder that it has become our best seller!!


VARIETY:  Mixed 

AROMA: Earthy and nutty with sweet hints of cedar & cinnamon

FLAVOR: Bittersweet cocoa with hints of roasted hazelnut

BODY/FINISH: Deep & full with a cream-chocolate finish

A blend of South American and Indonesian coffees that offers a tremendous depth of character without the levels of acidity found in other regions throughout the globe. We start with coffees that are naturally lower in acidity and then roast the beans darker and longer, a process that further reduces the remaining acidity.  

The result is an exceptionally smooth cup!