3 Reasons Why You Should Have A Coffee Subscription

3 Reasons Why You Should Have A Coffee Subscription

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The Specialty Coffee Association reported that in 2020, coffee subscription sales had increased by 109% from the following year.

During the height of the pandemic, while people are finding themselves more frugal in the midst of an economic downturn, more people are subscribing to regular and consistent coffee deliveries.

Is this because the potentially contactless form of delivery was more enticing? Maybe.

Honestly, when everything goes awry, at least make sure we have our morning cup of joe to tolerate it all; deal with the chaos AFTER our coffee.

Regardless of the reason, more people are hooked to coffee subscriptions, and for a good reason! Pandemic or not, there are some excellent reasons to jump on this coffee bandwagon if you haven't already.

Read below for 3 solid reasons why it's an excellent move to make.

How Much Do You Spend A Month On Coffee?

The average American spends almost $1,100 yearly on coffee per Acorns investing app, averaging about $92 a month.

This number likely isn't solely from making coffee at home because we know that purchasing coffee at a local coffee shop is sure to cost more than brewing your own.

What if we gave you a way to cut that number in half by solely brewing your own coffee at home?

Do Coffee Subscriptions Save Money?

Coffee subscriptions can absolutely help you save money! Here's why. Most coffee subscriptions, including ours at Get Roasted, offer you a percentage off when you purchase a subscription plan.

This percentage off adds up as the months pass, saving you lots of money in the long run.

Aside from the percentage off, having a coffee subscription sent to your home and brewing yourself can save you astronomically.

We'll do a little math to help us see what brewing coffee at home could cost us.

A typical 12oz bag of coffee will roughly give you 16 12oz cups of coffee. Let's say you drink 2 cups per day. That bag of coffee will last you about eight days (depending on the strength, if you drink more or fewer cups each day, and the size of your cups- you could drink an 8 or 10-oz cup).

For all intents and purposes of this example, you would need about 4 12oz bags of coffee to last you for the month.

If you buy a $12 bag of Get Roasted coffee, this would cost you only around $48 a month. That's almost half the cost of the average American! Instead of spending nearly $1,100 on coffee a year, you would only be spending around $580!

Talk about savings!

Needless to say, if you have a habit of purchasing coffee out a lot and you aren't signed up for a coffee subscription yet, now is the time to do so. You will undoubtedly save a lot of money.


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3 Reasons Why You Need A Coffee Subscription

Here are three reasons you should sign up for a Get Roasted Coffee Subscription:

  1. Convenience: You don't have to worry about going out and buying coffee every few days/weeks or running out and not having any at home. With a subscription, the coffee is delivered right to your door when you need it!

  1. Quality: Freshly roasted coffee beans will always ensure that you get the best-tasting cup of joe each time. Get Roasted works with specialty-grade green coffee sourced from farms worldwide and won't be sitting on the shelves in preparation for your subscription order.

You want fresh, and we will always deliver that!

  1. Savings: With your subscription, you get a percentage off each month, which adds up quickly and will result in considerable savings for you in total cost, but also from the days you have to stop at the local coffee shop because you've realized you've run out of beans at home.

With a Get Roasted Coffee Subscription, you can start saving money on your daily cup of joe, enjoy better quality and freshness in each cup, and find far more convenience in the entire process!

Is A Coffee Subscription A Good Gift?

A coffee subscription is a good gift for anyone who loves coffee and drinks it daily. As seen above, coffee is a "recurring bill," and a delicious one at that, so any coffee drinker who can get a new bag of coffee shipped to them regularly will be a happy coffee drinker.

Even if they need 2-4 bags a month to withstand their regular coffee drinking habits, purchasing one bag (or more if you so choose) a month for them on a six-month or one-year subscription would make a thoughtful and exciting gift!

We love our Roaster's Choice coffee subscription option because a different bag of coffee is sent each month, allowing your gift recipient to try a new coffee they may not traditionally pick out for themselves.

However, if you know a low-acid coffee is the name of their morning game or decaf is their afternoon choice of joe, subscription options are available for our Tummy Love and Espresso Crema Dolce Decaf Roasts.


We recommend this roaster if you're seeking Flavored Coffee Beans.


Coffee subscriptions are great gifts for all occasions and holidays. 

Are you looking to get an excellent office present? Supply a subscription for the office. Everyone will thank you when they drink coffee on their break!

Subscriptions make lovely housewarming gifts, and even baby shower/welcome to the world gifts since we all know new parents will be drinking lots of coffee after a baby is born!

High School graduates who are making their way into their first semester of college will also appreciate a monthly subscription to coffee.

The list is endless for everyone that can benefit from a subscription service.

Local Coffee Subscription

Local coffee subscriptions are always better than large company subscriptions because you know you are getting them at the peak of freshness.

Because large companies can roast and pack beans weeks or more in advance and then sit on the shelves of grocery stores for an additional few weeks, these beans continue to lose flavor with each passing day.

Since we roast to order, those living locally can get their coffee faster and right after roasting. Once you notice your beans are running low, that'll be around the time when your next box will be at your doorstep with another set of newly roasted beans. This ensures fantastic quality and taste with every sip.

What about those who aren't as local to us as they'd like? Is a subscription option a good choice despite living further away?

Yes. No matter where you live, your coffee beans will be roasted to perfection right before your order is shipped out, supplying you with excellent freshness when you open that bag of beans and get the heavenly aroma and taste of fresh coffee.

In Summary

Coffee subscriptions are an ideal way to enjoy fresh and delicious-tasting coffee while saving money in the process. With Get Roasted Coffee Subscriptions, you can choose from various subscription options, including:

  • Shipment every 30, 45, or 60 days
  • The quantity of bags you want shipping every 30, 45, or 60 days
  • Which roast(s) you would like coming to your doorstep

You can also do one subscription for one roast and another for a different roast to suit the preferences of all those in your household.

Give the gift of coffee to your loved ones or even yourself. You'll be thankful that you did, and so will all those in your life with taste buds that are blessed with a fresh cup of Get Roasted Coffee every day.

A coffee subscription is an excellent way to regularly get top-notch quality beans at a great price. So what are you waiting for? Get the delicious coffee you deserve today!

Happy Subscribing and Brewing!